Computerized Engraving Maintenance is a sales and service dealer for Universal Laser Systems. Our goal is to supply the best technical assistance, support, services, and sales to our new and existing customers. We want our customers to be completely satisfied with there decision to work with us and we will do what ever we can to satisfy them.

With over 30 years experience working in the engraving industry we feel very confident that there are no problems that we cannot solve that may arise with your system.

C.E.M. has a showroom with four different models of laser systems. We have the capabilities of demonstrating any combination of laser power from 25 watts to 120 watts. We have a variety of software programs including CAD, Corel, Illustrator, Freehand, Photoshop and more. We have air assist on the systems, Rotary attachments, Cutting Tables, a variety of lens options, and the HPDFO optics package. When you come into our showroom we will be able to demonstrate to you the exact system and configuration that will work the best for your application and needs.

C.E.M. offers:

  • Sales of new equipment
  • Installation and Training on all systems including ULS systems that were purchased from other places and or used ULS equipment.
  • Re-building of older systems (some limitations due to parts availability).
  • Phone support if you have technical questions or problems with your system.
  • On-site service as needed.
  • Software assistance when you have questions - "How do I do that".
  • Graphics work, graphics designing.
  • Information on how and what materials would work the best for your project.
  • Vendor information if you are looking for specific materials and do not know where to get them.
  • Replacement parts for all of our systems. (availability for some systems are limited).
  • Supplies used for maintenance of the laser systems.
  • A knowledge base of instructions in PDF format that are available to download or have e-mailed if you need to make the repairs yourself.
  • Cutting and engraving services if you have any project that your system can not handle or if you have larger quantities that may overwhelm your capabilities.
  • Testing and prototyping if you are just unsure if your system can do something or how it would be done.
  • Peace of mind in knowing that your system will continue to function in top condition for many years.

All of this said the bottom line is we want you to be our satisfied Universal Laser System owner.